Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Iron Mast Publishing Book...

Breathing In and Breathing Out:
Leader of Men

Release Date: June 3rd, 2013 on Amazon.com!

(Click here for a sneak peak into the book!)

God's plan is more exciting, more profoundly beautiful, than we've imagined. Than we've settled for. He has a design he's written on our hearts, one that would astound us if we understood it fully.

Together the natures God placed in man and woman of masculinity and femininity are fit for a sweeping story. A romantic, against-all-odds, epic tale. Yet only if we follow what he's traced there--what he's outlined in his Word--will we find ultimate satisfaction in the adventure. Will we truly be free.

You won't want to miss the invitation God extends to every man within these pages, or the one he extends to every woman, as well!

It will be awesome as we unveil it.

What you can do:
Pre-order your copy now!

Just follow the link on the side for a simple pre-pay. Your order will be shipped at release.

OR...if you can wait...
I am offering an exclusive gift with your purchase of a book, either paperback or Kindle, during the five day RELEASE WEEK. If you buy your book from Monday, June 3rd to Friday, June 7th, for the same price I will throw in a "Dealing with Conflict" married couples Bible Study, packed with information those I've told ahead have stated every couple must know. It's also a sneak preview of the Breathing In and Breathing Out married couples Bible Study on the way!

In addition, for ALL books sold from June 3rd through the evening of Friday, June 7th, I will donate 100% of the proceeds to charity (specifically orphans). I want this book to be more than a message, but a mission, and to fulfill that mission not only through the book, but the sales of the book, as well.

Inspiring and empowering men to be leaders and fathers of the faith.
Providing for the fatherless. As the church.

The reason I'm willing to do so much for free is I want to create such a stir the week of June 3rd-June 7th that together we raise $1,000 for orphans that week alone.

I believe we can do it.

That means putting 250-300 books into people's hands those five days. Would you tell everyone you know about it? Would you encourage your friends to buy the book that week, so together we spread more than a message of God's sweeping love story for mankind, but create a MOVEMENT of men and women who understand and live out their true natures for him?

If you'd like, simply type in your email on the side bar to receive updates on the book (available for a limited time at $11.99, rather than the $14.99 retail) and I'll send a notification on June 3rd to remind you it's been released.

--Also, you may consider this book would make an excellent Father's Day gift to inspire a father, brother, or son. Books sold release week will be received well before Father's Day, Sunday, June 16--

There is so much more coming. So much I can't wait to share with you.

In the meantime, let me encourage you God has a purpose he placed deep in your heart. One that will light up your eyes as you discover it. Now let's begin to dream...

What others have said about Breathing In and Breathing Out:

"Provocative...a recapturing of biblical masculinity..."
-William Proctor, New York Times
                                                 Bestselling Author

"That's a good book. And I don't like books."
-High School Student

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