Friday, June 14, 2013

Luke's First Birthday!

Congratulations, Luke! You're 1. I can't believe it. I'll reject the temptation to say you've lived 1/100 of your life if you reach 100, that you're only 32 parts younger than Daddy, or that you're half the time again to putting your toys back in the toy bin, and just take this moment to say "I love you. Daddy couldn't be prouder of his little guy."

Of course, what everyone is dying to know...Luke has read the entire Bible!

He finished his last official reading with Daddy on June 12, 2013, 365 days after this:

So I think the perfect way to celebrate your life is to chronicle your little online photo journey.

Your Life. In picture.

First, Mommy was pregnant.

That was you, Luke!

You were hiding. It was dark in there. But then you came out and met Mommy and Daddy!

We read about "In the beginning..."

You learned quickly.

Sometimes you quivered!

And you slept a lot.

Sometimes with Daddy! Those were some of Dad's favorite moments.

You'd sleep on his chest and he'd feel like a million bucks. It was the best place in the world Dad could be.

You went on your first adventure! We won't mention the escapade in the car.

Sometimes you went on adventures with just Dad. Tucked away and safe.

You started showing your funny personality!

And your adorable one.

You went out to see the world.

With the most loving family ever! (in your frog suit)

Daddy swaddled you a lot. You were always surprised.

We celebrated the 4th of July together (Mommy's favorite holiday)! She picked out your outfit.

What a fascinating place.

You learned about Thai food.

And baths.

And playing on playmats. Which you loved! Daddy sang with the songs.

You met your adorable cousins. That's Sky!

You had parties. :)

It was tiring.

And you got cuter.

And cuter.

And cuter.

And cuter.

And cuter!

Like on Easter with Mommy and Daddy. 

Or just chillin' in your dipes!

 But you were always the coolest kiddo around.

 And Daddy's best friend.

I love you, Luke Israel Demsick.


Happy 1st Birthday!

Congrats on your 1st Bible!

I'm so proud of you.



(John-Peter lives in Vero Beach, Florida with his wife Angela, son Luke, and daughter-to-be. His new release, Breathing In and Breathing Out: Leader of Men, recently hit #22 on Amazon's top 100 Christian men's issues Kindle books and is available here)

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