Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 7: June 19, 2012- Circumcision and the Promise

Moment of the Day:

Luke pooped in the car seat, on the car seat, and then when we were changing the lake of sludge, he peed on the wall. All in all a good day for a guy who doesn't get to take many risks in life! I'm proud of you little guy. You're trying. You know, you remember that time that I *ahem* "didn't" tell you to pee on your mom, well you got really close only you didn't realize I'm not mom. I'm the guy with the deep voice who yields absolutely no result when you try to milk me. I know you know what I'm talking about.

And now for some completely unrelated...pictures!

Luke in daddy's arm today

Tucked away for later

We can't hide all the signs of our home planet
(courtesy of Rachel Demsick two days ago)

So, today Luke was circumcized (he was a tough guy and didn't scream, or run around like daddy before someone tries to stick a needle in him). Crazy coincidence, stay tuned in the reading today...

On to the readings:

Genesis 16:1-18:15, Matthew 6:1-24, Psalm 7:1-17, Proverbs 2:1-5

Abram learns that God fulfills his promises, and he doesn't need our help doing it. Jesus still head-asploding the culture of his day; we'd be radicals if we listened to him. David cries out in need, knowing God will deliver. Proverbs delivers in the wisdom department.

Read along:


If we're paying attention and letting God grow us, we're learning a lot about his nature and life.

We must believe his promises because it's in his nature to come through.

We must not live like the culture. Today, don't try to "look good." Forget your image and be right before God.

God protects us. Cry out to him.

Listen to the wisdom of this book. God will change you.

This is going to be a great year.


  1. Poop! My son had Gastroschisis when he was born. After surgery, one of the first signs of recovery is a "movement". We had people praying for poop! Now he is two and we have it in full measure! Enjoy man... it truly never gets old!

  2. This is beyond awesome! Had me laughing and then had me thinking deep. . .sounds just like you!