Friday, June 7, 2013

The Final Day of Release Week

This is it! Crazy to think everything with Breathing In and Breathing Out happened in four days (since release) and the release week will culminate in 12 hours (with the party!).

Thank you to those who've rushed over to Amazon and bought the book, and to those who've sent everyone willing to listen stampeding (or wandering) over to buy one.

The results are in for the first four days:

Thursday, why you do dat?

A Recap.

Monday is a compilation of about five to ten pre-orders of different kinds and three people who jumped off their couches to buy after I learned how to use the internet (about 2/3 through the day).

Tuesday clearly saw our best results, as somewhere edging near 20 books were sold, I presume to 20 people--not antelopes, who are also very interested in breathing, and not 6.66 people who were so excited they wanted to read with one book in each hand. And another as some sort of non-kosher, recyclable yamaka.

Wednesda, as I've smartly coined above, saw a steady flow of sales the first half of the day, raking in 11 book sales by 1:30, and then right when I predicted we could edge out Tuesday by a slight margin and still be on track to reach $1,000 by Friday, anonymous people everywhere put their fingers in their ears and said, "Book? What book?", a Roman centurion bemused, "What is truth?", Don McLean died*, and antelopes went on breathing as usual. 

Still, one person kicked open the door to Amazon and bought a book.

Thursday five copies were snatched up, and that brings us to...

The Final Day of Release Week!

Yes, this is the last day your purchases (all you antelopes out there) will be donated to orphans. Tomorrow, any books sold will go toward other problems like erasing substantial third world book debt and things of that nature.

This has been a fun ride! The real adventure, however, begins when you open page 1. I am thrilled many of you will be reading the book and I can't wait to hear from you about it.

I pray God blesses you so richly. I pray God speaks to your heart about what he is saying to men, women, and the church. I pray it produces real action and change in our lives.

Isn't that what a good book should do?

I wonder if I can eat this...

And if not, perhaps you can recycle it. Or eat it.

(If you haven't bought your copy or want to give others as Father's Day gifts, click here for the Paperback and Kindle)

*not a real thing

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