Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 10: June 22, 2012- The First Love Story

Moment of the Day:

So I had a moment of the day planned. It was nothing. A leaf blowing in the wind, a wisp of meaningless memory carried away to pasture on a lazy day's westbound breeze. In comparison to the storm that was coming.

Angela and I decided to take our first adventure with Luke outside of the house. Outside of the comfort zone. All went according to plan. The monotony of days drifting in and out of feeding sessions and nap time, dirty diapers and rainy afternoons, clouds passing and coming again, seemed to be broken with our spirited first family adventure. We all packed into the little Subaru hatchback.

The whirring of the road noises and rotating tires put Luke fast asleep.

There was a feeling in the air. It was excitement.

This might happen. It

We pulled up to Boardwalk Ice Cream. Snapped our Racer 500 high speed child unit in one deft flick out of the back and into place on the pavement. Took the baby up into my arms.

And then...

A monstrous squishing noise emitted from the Valley of Despair.

This one would be nasty.

 I plopped the little guy down into the back of the car. Opened him up. "Scalpel..."

There was a swamp of orange slime that rippled through his undergarments as though agitated by the Loch Ness monster just beneath the surface.

We began quick work.

All of a sudden, it happened. Right at the moment I had lifted his legs, poised him for a swift cleansing by my dutiful wife, the second explosion.

And then, a sleeping baby boy soaked himself in the face with a direct hit.

Angela and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Five minutes and more than that wipes later, we were comfortably, cleanly, licking our ice cream, Luke sucking down his bottle, the two of us laughing and recounting the nor'easter that had just swept through and moved on past the coast.

A few strangers laughed and said this wouldn't be the last time.

I smiled.

I have a feeling they'll be right. And that's okay.

Post wipes and pre-ice cream, er, bottle

Loving every minute of our first family adventure

The Readings:

Genesis 23-24:51, Matthew 8:1-17, Psalm 9:13-20, Proverbs 3:1-6

The Bible's first love story. Such a great one. Fall in love with God's plan for you, as you realize through this one just how involved he is.

Bring on the healing. Isaiah 61 prophesied Jesus was going to do some healing, and doggone it, it's gonna happen today. Enjoy this one. And just believe that he's going to do it in our lives today. It's so easy. It's in his nature.

David cries out again. All cry babies, mine included, and people who go through actual pain need apply.

And God's plan is simply marvelous. Bind his ways and thoughts around your neck and trust in him always. Like our ice cream, Loch Ness monster adventure, the end may not be expected, but it'll always be good. Listen on if you want confirmation of what you already know, that God will make your paths straight if you lean on him. If you acknowledge him.

Read along:,%20Matthew%208:1-17,%20Psalm%209:13-20,%20Proverbs%203:1-6&version=NIV


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