Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 16: June 28, 2012- Mommies and Midnight Wrestling Ain't No Reed in the Wind

Today is Mommy Day!

Mommy is the whole feature today. What a beauty!

There's something fascinating about the bond between mother and child. It is certainly more intimate than that of a father. I have to hand a few things to her.

So, in the form of a top ten list:

10. She carried him nine months. Kindof a big deal.

9. She milks him. Or he milks her. I can never quite get this one straight.

8. I am completely helpless with him, without direct assistance from #9.

7. She allowed him to go all Alien on her and she retained a yellowish-green tint for days to prove it.

6. She hasn't slept four consecutive hours since he was born, which means:

5. She's been exhausted for over half a month and still doesn't look like a zombie. Impressive.

4. The recovery felt like she had been in a car accident AFTER the actual somewhat-traumatic birth process thingy.

3. Some-what traumatic birth process thingy.

2. Pain. Not that I'd put it this way, but pretty much since the moment we've been married. Happy almost one year anniversary, honey!

1. And finally, for nine months, no ice cream.

I love you, Angela My Amazing!!

Now that he's asleep, I'll hold him.

My Love. Someone else's World.

That's love.

A mother's tenderness.


3:30 am. A certain gem of a morning.
Water broke and we're 19 hours from meeting Luke!
About to leave for the hospital...
Today is certain to be a special day!

Santa Claus is coming to town, anyone?

 And now...

We've been a long way since then, little guy. 
It's one of those things a mommy understands.

And the readings!

Genesis 32:13-34:31, Matthew 11:7-30, Psalm 14:1-7, Proverbs 3:19-20

This is a great reading today. I hope you listen and take part!

God gets Jacob out of another one. Or maybe Jacob sneaks his way out. Or maybe God gets him out. Funny how God works like that. There's often an option of giving him the credit or not. But more fascinating to me is what happens in the meantime. Jacob is left on one side of the Jabbok River by himself and has an encounter with a nighttime surprise visitor.
What happens there will define him...

Jesus rejects the critics of the day in the church (yes, the Jews, AND...the Pharisees were the church of the day) and emboldens a message Christians need to hear.
Image is not a concern of the mature Christian. That's right, it doesn't matter how we look to other Christians, nor should we worry about our image to the world. Character is what matters.
Jesus calls out the people because of what they expected of John the Baptist, as well as what they expected of Jesus. When they turn the pressure on you, will you bend like a reed swaying in the wind, or will you stand firm?

David laments that not one is wise, not one seeks God. But even in his despair, he sees reason to rejoice. Would that we could control our minds like a man whose living room was a cave, and whose front landscape was rocks and mountains.

How big is wisdom? How powerful? How much can it affect your life? It's as expansive as the deep fountains and as intimate as the dew beneath the night sky. Anything with the power of many waters, yet the delicacy and poise of a dew drop can change your life.

And, read along:,%20Matthew%2011:7-30,%20Psalm%2014:1-7,%20Proverbs%203:19-20&version=NIV

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