Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 13: June 25, 2012- Moby's, Worrmbats, and Other Furry Magical Creatures

Moment of the Day:

Angela and I got the little scrumption into his car seat, rumbling down the road, and to the mall!!!

No, you are not allowed to take any lessons here, buddy. The mall is a bad place, filled with evil things called...price tags. There will be horror bedtime stories about such things coming, I think (it's amazing how his mind falls into my neat little traps).

Today is the day of the Moby.

I decided to wear one, a piece of cloth about as long as a first down (notice how I compared it to football, making it instantly cooler to the reader who is, once again, falling into my neat little trap). It wraps around one's body in a supposedly important method and then you tuck a baby inside.

After fighting with the contraption (at this point it's become one, which brings it into the realm of things I can be frustrated with), I finally redesigned it (aka, tied a knot in the back at a step of the procedure), making it a fine tuned machine (ok, a bit of a stretch for cloth, but I'm in the middle of on to hear the rest of the boast), proving that a guy is needed to come and engineer a girl's product to make it work properly (slightly sexist remark while wearing what is the equivalent of Pontius Pilate's designer's evening cocktail gown), and thus preparing myself for walking around a mall with a baby in my papoose, er, pouch, er, man...satchel thingy.

Ok, I must admit, this thing is not made of camo or crossing gun bullet belts.

Round 2 went to the Moby at the mall, as we struggled to adapt to its strategy to dance around my body and wear us out chasing it around the ring.

Round 3 I won. The baby was asleep and the Moby fitting into my neat little trap to make it do its job.

Half way through Round 4, the match was called on account of poop, but not before I got some good unchecked hand shots in at Express and, well...a sweet technological gadget store much more sweet and technological than stupid Moby's a sorta girlie store Angela wanted to go to...

But I'm confident if the fight had gone on I would've won.

(If there is a Moby out there anywhere saying if the fight had gone on it would've won, I'm just, like, really upset right now. I just want to say it knows where I live. Anytime, anywhere tough guy. Except not tomorrow, I will be carrying the diaper bag tomorrow...and, um, ok nevermind...)

But seriously, I really like Moby's (@Moby not serious, not serious, bring it on #fisticuffs #hospital #athletic tape #spandex #every other elastic material better than a Moby).

And for no reason at all...


You could kill the world with cuteness, kid. Or at least small, furry magical creatures like worrmbats. Worrmbats hate cuteness.

A First Conversation Piece.

So today, Luke and I had our first conversation!

He always has to have the last word. Aka: I can't even win a serious debate with a 13 day old.  I think, and I really don't think I'm reaching with this, being his dad, that he's actually quite intelligent. Listen in to our adorable exchange!

And yes, there are readings!

Genesis 28-29:35, Matthew 9:18-38, Psalm 11:1-7, Proverbs 3:11-12

This is a cool moment for Jacob. God comes to him in a dream and blesses him. Jacob ponders it, then chooses to follow God with his life. We usually think of God as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob's God. But this is the moment he becomes Jacob's God. There was a beginning. And this is it.

Jesus sees the people in their pain. Have you ever felt like no one knows what you're going through? Jesus looks out over the people and he sees one after another uniquely formed, infinitely special person. And he sees them hurting. It's enough to bring one to one's knees. Will you take on Jesus's heart for the people, my friend? Will you make healing their hearts foremost in yours?

David's not afraid. He knows who his God is.

And, ever thought you were being wronged when you were being disciplined? If you're in a difficult time now, better to not decide it's so awful just yet. Perhaps God is disciplining you, not necessarily for sin, but like on a sports team, to become much stronger. Sounds like he loves you.

Hope you enjoy the reading!

Read along:,%20Matthew%209:18-38,%20Psalm%2011:1-7,%20Proverbs%203:11-12&version=NIV

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