Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 9: June 21- Checking the Heart Strings and Judging Rightly

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Moment of the Day:

Two days after Mary Poppins went all Edward Scissorhands on my boy's prized possession, he's finally recovering. For two days he's done little but milk and cry for the absence of milk. It is of singular importance. I mean, he's suspended his sleep schedule to make time for more milk.

I unfortunately, am not gifted in that department. So, as I kick around the rubber balls and Nerf in the sporting goods department all by myself, glancing at the clock through my shift, the child is practically chasing my wife through the infant aisles. Well, with his neck. Not much else moves successfully.

But you'd be surprised at how he can inch right over to what he wants, in the middle of a dead sleep. Right to the source.

But today's great moment is a simple one.

No flash. No pee. No story.

After all the Burton-esque terrors of the last week, today I got to hold my boy. For two straight hours, he slept on my chest. And I had nothing to offer but love. ...And a useless rubber ball.

Fortunately, today, in spite of all things dairy, he was in the market for love.

This is love.

Me and my buddy


Shameless close-up

At home with daddy

The Readings:

Genesis 20-22:24, Matthew 7:15-29, Psalm 9:1-12, Proverbs 2:16-22


God gives, but he doesn't want us to latch onto our gifts. This is hardest with children. Oh, if we could let go...check out Abraham's response.

Jesus tells us to judge. But not the judgmental way, over truth and bringers of truth. Does the church really discern truth? Seems like we'll believe anything today. Better find out how. He also tells us how to build our lives on something that can be judged worthy and unshakable.

God is faithful to defeat his enemies and lift up the righteous. Like David, it may take awhile, but check in here and see how good it can get.

And Proverbs gives a lesson we all need to hear. In a sex-addicted culture that encourages promiscuity, wisdom will protect you. This may be the most important lesson and one of the hardest. So, listen here for encouragement!

Read along:,%20Matthew%207:15-29,%20Psalm%209:1-12,%20Proverbs%202:16-22&version=NIV

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