Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 11: June 23, 2012- Part 2 of the First Love Story and the Two Brothers

Moment of the Day:

A cool thing happened today.

We successfully inserted Luke into the Fisher Price Swing that had been given to us. And he didn't cry.

He just looked around and reached out, trying to comprehend his surroundings.

As he swung, all of a sudden, I wanted to get his attention. I wanted to tell him I love him. At least to make eye contact.

So I got really close and swayed with the rhythm of the swing.

"I love you, Lukey."

But he continued to paw at the air and looked side to side to try to figure out where he was.

He wouldn't look at me. It was as though he couldn't.

I felt such love well up within me, as I saw him struggle with his surroundings, and all I wanted was for him to know how much I love him and that I'm right there.

But as I got closer, I couldn't get his eyes to meet mine.

He was too consumed by the movement of the swing.

And then I thought, this must be how God feels.

We sway back and forth, so caught up in our surroundings, pre-occupied trying to figure it all out, that he can't get our attention. He looks at us and leans in, so full of desire for us, just wanting to comfort us and tell us it's okay. You don't have to worry about the swing. Daddy's right here. Daddy loves you.

But we don't notice. Our eyes dart back and forth, and we miss what he so desperately longs for us to hear. What he so desperately longs for us to see. That he's right there.

If we could, we'd see the overwhelming love and compassion welling in his eyes, a Father who never stops watching, never stops trying to get our attention.

We'd see a Father who wants to enjoy the ride with us. Wants us to be able to enjoy this with him.

If we could just forget the craziness and movement for one moment, we'd see that he's right in front of us, following us with his eyes, hoping to catch ours. That we're not alone. He's been standing there all along, calling out our name. That he's swaying back and forth to the rhythm of our crazy pace, leaning in, hoping to share it with us.

And more than anything he just wants to say, "I love you."

I love you

Thank you (or...milk...)

I love sleeping on daddy...

 ...all scrunchled up

But there's nothing like mommy 

The Readings:

Genesis 24:52-26:16, Matthew 8:18-34, Psalm 10:1-15, Proverbs 3:7-8

Part 2 of Isaac's love story. Esau and Jacob come into the picture. There's a really good lesson why to honor what God calls important. This doesn't work out well for the guy who doesn't.

An interesting day when Jesus has no place to go. Will you follow him? To really love God, we must be willing to follow without reservation. Even by the end of this reading, Jesus is a loner without welcome.

David has questions. Do you ever? That's okay, so long as you take them to him. And you answer them with what you know is true, not what you feel. David is going through the process.

An ominous change of direction in Proverbs today. Solomon isn't recommending one to seek wisdom and learn; he's warning against being impressed with your own wisdom. This is a really hard one for us. Perhaps especially for us guys. But there is an answer, and man, is it worth it.

Overall, a great day. I hope you guys are enjoying this. God is really speaking to me through it! Nothing like drawing near our Father and learning from him as the Bible comes to life...

Read along:,%20Matthew%208:18-34,%20Psalm%2010:1-15,%20Proverbs%203:7-8&version=NLT


  1. I loved the analogy you used with "the swing". My favorite yet. Glad Luke likes it already! Love, Grammy :)

  2. Thanks, Grammy! It just struck me when I saw him struggling and wanted to comfort him. It made me feel that I loved him so much, and I realized how excruciatingly hard it is to let him know.
    That the one great desire of my heart is that he would know it's okay, and how hard it must be for God to not be able to get us that message.
    He loves us so much, but we're stuck pawing at the air and struggling on our own, with him right in front of us.
    It must be heart-breaking for such a loving God to watch us fight on our own, and how he must want to tell us we don't need to worry or flail because he is right there and he loves us.
    How he wants to catch our eyes once in a while to communicate that love.
    We really are like babes...