Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 19: July 1, 2012- The blessing of the Lord makes rich!

(Once again, video to mp3 conversion and the mp3 player are not working properly. Aside from my frustration, I hope not having the mp3 audio reading today is no more annoyance. Up close and personal with Luke today!)


Believe it or not, Luke is over 1/20th through the Bible! Making great progress little guy. Now, work on your neck control. It's very good, but every fifteen or twenty seconds it completely gives in and your head flops around on the top of your neck. I'm willing to keep my hand there for as long as is necessary until you correct the situation.

Which means?

My boy's getting older...his cheeks fuller, legs sturdier. Which is awesome, really. But I'm hoping once in your life you go on a diet, because I'd love to see you as the 7 lb, 6 oz guy you were. Just once, right? If not, that's cool. That's cool.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I think I'm going to go help Mommy change you instead of writing to you in a language you do not understand on a medium you do not have access to.

God's blessings,


And now, the readings!

Some rare pleasures in the video reading today. Check out the beauty six seconds into it!

Genesis 39-41:16, Matthew 12:46-13:23, Psalm 17:1-15, Proverbs 3:33-35

Joseph gets the full court press. And the refs are on the take so by very disputable call, Joseph loses the game on an after the whistle four point shot.
All is going well for his master's house after being sold as a slave by his brothers. Then false accusations tear his world apart, again. And...all goes well for Joseph in his prison house after being sold out by a desperate housewife. You can't keep this good man down. And...he's got an audience with the pharoah. Stay tuned for more.

Jesus explains a parable of seed and soil. Makes it kindof a good thing to think about your soil. How is it? Lots of sunlight? Water? Nutrients?
If we let the world, intellectual arguments, pleasure, lack of character or perseverance keep us from growing, we may find ourselves withering. Let's treat our souls the way we would Sunday brunch and pig out! Spiritually. I am sorry for the few of you that were disappointed by that turn around.

If you have a desire to be the apple of your Father's eye or be hidden in the shadow of his wings, look no further. David's words will encourage you!

Proverbs' wisdom is simple but good today. May we keep it in focus.


To read along:,%20Matthew%2012:46-13:23,%20Psalm%2017:1-15,%20Proverbs%203:33-35&version=NIV

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