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Day 20: July 2, 2012- Dreams and Glimpses of Heaven

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So Luke couldn't keep out of the readings, this time. Just had to put his thoughts in. You start preaching early, buddy. Just go ahead and try it.

The Readings:

God focuses on dreams, glimpses of heaven, and glimpses of God today.

Genesis 41:17-42:17, Matthew 13:24-46, Psalm 18:1-15, Proverbs 4:1-6

The Dream. How many years have gone by since God gave Joseph his dream? It was the dream of childhood. The one he was given when life was fresh and new and full of promise. Then tragedy.
He was sold off into slavery, rejected by his family. Scandal. Lies. Prison. Neglect.
And years later, after the world had threatened with all it had, to take his hope, to steal his dreams, to whittle him down to a man without the heart of a child, who could no longer believe in dreams, it came.
Joseph had not given in to these pressures. And his time came. God simply did what he does: he fulfilled the dream that he gave. Are you willing to believe the dreams of your youth? Do you remember them?
Perhaps we should reflect on what God put on our hearts those long years ago. Perhaps we should remember the dreams God has given us.

Jesus gives snapshots of heaven. He gives snapshots of the nature of where God is taking us. They are filled with metaphor and meaning, but are not clear without the Holy Spirit's insight. But Jesus pulls us close, with his disciples, and explains...

David would be using hyperbole over and over again if God weren't bigger than anything that can be compared to him. If it weren't true. These explanations of God's power and supreme goodness could just get you riled up.

Proverbs tells you to "take heed to my instructions, my son." A fitting lesson for a blog from a father to a son. This is one of those, "You might want to pay attention" moments.

And to read along...,%20Matthew%2013:24-46,%20Psalm%2018:1-15,%20Proverbs%204:1-6&version=NIV

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