Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 22: July 4, 2012- Fourth of July, The Family of God and Mine

Fourth of July Celebration! Yay!

Me with Daddy. He knows more than I do about this smiling thing.

Actually, Luke smiled voluntarily for his first smile yesterday! Unfortunately, he cannot yet call upon the gift at will.

Oh, yeah. That's natural bedhead.

I don't understand why I'm on display.
By the way, what's a president?

Oh, that? Haha...wait,
were we talking about the coffee table?

Mommy's got spirit.
Her Fourth of July star jeans are cool.
I want to be just like Mommy.

 Today, proud to be an American.
And proud to be a Demsick.

And proud to be a Christian! Let's to the...

Readings! Also, yay!

Genesis 44-45:28, Matthew 14:13-36, Psalm 18:37-50, Proverbs 4:11-13

Joseph reveals his cunning plan: to see if the brothers would defend Bejamin the way they persecuted him. Have they changed? You probably know the answer. But, stop by and hear it again. *Spoiler* - God brings a happy ending to an unhappy (or at least progressively difficult) story, thereby making it a happy story! Yay!

Jesus doesn't let anything stop him from reaching out to the people, even after he's reached out to them. Why send the people home? Feed them yourselves. Jesus is sending a message. Have compassion on the people and minister to them. Feed them. God will come through and make it miraculous if you need. Just trust him to come through and do it.
Interestingly, he does it again to let Peter come to him. In other words, a little bit of boldness and God will come through for you. So live life on the edge for him! You'll find things you depend on will start working out.

David is stoked. Basically, God rocks! Praise to the Rock! David can't contain himself and has to list off God's accolades, the things he's done. Question is- in your time with God, when's the last time you did, too?

Proverbs illuminates the path. Looking for a straight path in life? This reading gives some direction.

Hope you enjoy the reading on a special day honoring our country's independence. Glorify God with it!

To read along:,%20Matthew%2014:13-36,%20Psalm%2018:37-50,%20Proverbs%204:11-13&version=NIV

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