Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 62: August 13, 2012- Jesus Pulls a Colt Out of His Hat

Breath Holding for Baby Picture!

Ok, I know you all are waiting for it. So here it is. A baby picture.

But not just any baby picture. The inside exclusive that only our experts got on Angela's secret photo that she will pass around tomorrow at her first day of work.

That's right. Perusing this blog has kept you in the know on exclusive breaking news, before it breaks.

So if you want to know what will be passed around tomorrow, here it is.

And, shh, be discrete about where you heard about it...

It's a thing of beauty.

But Wait! There's More Insider Information Today...

Call me crazy, but I've decided to release a few tidbits from our trip last week (The one I told you about that took us for two days to that wonderful place called outside? Now you remember.)

So here goes:

Luke on vacation, at table with Dad.

No he did not eat any coconut curry chicken. Well, he might've touched his lips to it, but I assure you he did not like it.

Luke on the road. You may call it chillin'. I call it "The Fist."


And Luke finally at his vacation spot.

Yes, that's a lay. Kid's in paradise.

And for no reason at all other than cuteness, it has nothing to do with vacation, but a recent cleaning...

Why does a kid this cute have to be clean? "It's just not right."

I know. I know. Dang cuteness is irrefutable.

The Readings:

Leviticus 27:14-34, Numbers 1:1-54, Mark 11:1-26, Psalm 46:1-11, Proverbs 10:23

Ok, it looks like a lot, but that's just the short end of Leviticus and the (not-so-short) *ahem beginning of Numbers!

So, we're on to a new book. And I sense good things ahead. I'm excited about reading this with Luke, and of course you, faithful reader.

Old Testament.
Lists. Mostly lists. But it's actually cool the Bible kept such accurate records, and it kindof blows the mind that Israel was so big. There weren't just three cave men and a rock sitting around like some might think, you know? The world was pretty filled even thousands of years ago.

New Testament.
Jesus pulls a colt out of his hat.

How did he do that? This is recorded history, with early enough and diverse enough manuscripts to be considered more reputable than Homer's Iliad or Odyssey.

And Jesus just called it. Colt in the side pocket.


That colt is right where Jesus called it.

That's my God.

My elementary/middle school Psalm! Still got half of it memorized. I love this Psalm. It's got the power of God. It's got action. And it's got, sheesh, a river running through it.

Ok, you gotta just read it (or listen it). It rocks.

How fun is doing wrong really? Weeell...

A little helping of discipline folks.

There is so much pleasure from living wisely.

To read along, click here.

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